The English Cream Tea Company

Hello, I’m Jane Malyon, founder of THE ENGLISH CREAM TEA COMPANYTM

As a child, I’d long for the weekend walk to Chigwell shops with my father and the ritual of choosing cakes in Kistrucks Bakery! I’d be entrusted to carry the ribboned box home, after which sandwiches would be made, prawns peeled and the kettle put on in readiness. With the fire set, we’d gather in the living room with copious cups of tea to enjoy family time and afternoon tea. BLISS. It would be all about talking, sharing and indulging. Similarly, we would go for family picnics – with all the paraphernalia that that involved! However, I treasure the memories to this day.

I started the English Cream Tea Company, recognising that it’s not always possible for everyone to travel to a great hotel, with the idea that a really super English Cream Tea could come to them instead.  I launched the idea at a Key Person of Influence meeting in London in 2011 and by the end of the year, found we'd been awarded KPI Product of the Year. Fantastic!  We proudly gained the Guinness World Record as well, for the largest Tea Party ever in one location - and featured in the 2013 album.  Such fun!

NOW, exclusive in the Netherlands, at The Village Shop!